RichLink is patented technology providing advanced linking and tagging capabilities for the most demanding internet applications.

RichLink automates and centralizes the management and distribution of links and metatags at the word, phrase, and metadata level. RichLink maps the content you already have; tags that content automatically; and serves content that lets users find the information they need without leaving the page.

Map: Manage all the connections between any term on a webpage and any information across your enterprise by making simple changes in a database.

Tag: Scan, analyze, parse, and tag HTML documents automatically in milliseconds. Apply natural language processing, metadata, and filters to insert any type of tag or code you wish.

Serve: Deliver enhanced HTML content to any database, content management system (CMS), or file system. Display customized portlets and associated content for Web users.

Dynamic Contextual Linking (DCL) is a process that enables intelligent delivery of relevant content and functions to users within the context of their active workspace. DCL can sit on top of the standard Web application delivery stack, and you can apply DCL at one or more of the authoring, publishing, serving, or viewing steps of the content lifecycle.

Technology Components
RichLink Processor™: In combination with the RichLink Contextual Content Server (CCS), the RichLink Processor (RLP) can insert any multipurpose tag to create RichLink enabled documents. RichLink enabled HTML pages display links, functions, and portlets to end users through the user's Web browser.

RichLink Contextual Content Server™: Stores information about meaningful connections between terms and any content object – including text documents, images, multimedia, or audio. Every term is analyzed using several criteria to determine whether it should be linked and what it should link to. Portlets can be loaded from the CCS to be displayed as separate windows or embedded in existing pages.

The RichLink Developer's Kit™: Provides the tools to manage, integrate, and configure the RichLink system. Utilities are included for creating customized views, managing the CCS, and converting and loading database information. API's are provided along with more than 300 pages of documentation for accessing the RLP and CCS from any application.

The RichLink Portlet: When you click on a RichLink enabled link, a preconfigured window appears called a RichLink portlet. The portlet can display anything from a simple natural language glossary definition to an entire mini-site. RichLink also supports inserting any HTML code snippets, so it's possible to leverage any code change you want to make in a Web application or across your entire Web site.